Xiaomi Launches First Teleconference Product Boosted by GX8008 AI Solution

Release time:2021-06-10

Hangzhou, China – 10th June 2021 – Teleconference meetings have become part of daily working practices under COVID-19 situation worldwide. Nevertheless the user experience with existing teleconference products is usually less than satisfying and troubled with issues such as unclear speaking voice, inconvenient microphone position, insufficient speaker loudness, poor audio quality etc. It is therefore highly desirable to have a quality and convenient teleconference system.


Today Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker as its first teleconference product to the market.


Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker is equipped with 6-microphone array that supports far field voice pick up and AI empowered noise reduction. It also comes with 8Mpixel wide-angle webcam with up to 4K video conferencing. All these features are realized with only one USB cable connection between the speaker and PC to bring a satisfying conferencing experience to life.


GX8008 is adopted by Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker as a dedicated DSP to handle AI voice processing algorithm for the built-in 6-microphone array. It facilitates speech clarity for every participant in the conference.


NationalChip has released GX8008 dedicated for AI voice processing. It supports 6-microphone input and integrates NationalChip’s own NPU, 400MHz HiFi4 DSP, big capacity and high performance SRAM. GX8008 has become a new intelligent processor with rich resource and powerful performance that empowers AIoT applications in every aspect.


(GX8008 block diagram)